About Us

The Arabya Company for Transportation and Trips is one of the leading companies in the field of transportation and trips. The company was established in 2004 providing its services to many companies and institutions with different activities inside Egypt, and we believe that we are not a company that provides this service only, but we rise above that to become business partners for all our customers with different The volume of their business, and we do our utmost to satisfy them and provide all modern transportation solutions to our valued customers.

Board of Directors

Mr. Saeed Ghareeb

General Manager

Mr. Asaad Ghareeb

Head of Research and Development

Mr. Hassan Kassem

Marketing and Planning Manager

Mr. Mahmoud Abdelfattah

Head of the financial sector

Goals of the Company

The company aims to develop transport services for workers in all companies, institutions, factories, private schools and universities, and implement all trips to raise the efficiency of the service, provide it with the latest models, develop and improve it, and strengthen the team’s performance through continuous training, providing transportation service at competitive prices and improving its competitiveness.

Company Message

Providing distinguished services that exceed the needs of our customers in order to become the easiest and safest solution. We always strive to become a leading company in the field of transportation services and trips by all means using all modern technologies to provide comfort and luxury to our customers.

And striving with every effort to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing high-quality services at distinguished prices and speed of performance, and to expand across all governorates of Egypt to become the leading company in this field in Egypt, and we know perfectly well that this mission will not be achieved without continuous pursuit and diligence and full attention to the requests and service of our customers in optimal shape.

Company Services

The company works in transportation services for all companies throughout the Republic.

The company’s fleet of vehicles for transporting workers includes:
(Cars 28 passengers – 14 passengers – 15 passengers, high ceiling – 7 passengers)
All cars (air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned) as desired by the customer.